The London Latinxs

The London Latinxs organise around issues that affect Latin Americans in the UK and engage in solidarity work with oppressed and displaced people everywhere. They’re involved in campaigning to shut down the Yarlswood women’s detention centre. 

The X in ‘Latinx’ erases the gender marker – instead of the cumbersome Latinos/Latinas, we have decided to call ourselves ‘Latinxs’ to include all genders in one simple word.

The Latinxs tweet @londonlatinxs

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Penny Wangari-Jones

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Penny has been politically engaged since she was very young in Kenya and the UK. Based on her own experiences of injustice she is a campaigner tackling racial inequality and social injustice. She believes in empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and information so they can stand up for themselves and have a bigger voice and impact.

Penny tweets @Peninah69

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Yomi ‘GREEds’ Sode

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Generating Rhymes to Engage the Enlightened Soul – Originally from Nigeria, Yomi is a performer, poet, entertainer with a love for music. Poetry provides him with a therapeutic space that has no boundaries where he can create his own pace, and tell his story his way.

“All we can say is stay strong” 

Yomi tweets @iamGREEdS