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We’re kicking off our city’s conversation with a frank chat about power and democracy. What is power, what does it mean to have it, who is excluded, and where does it lie in London?


What does power mean to you?

At a glance, London can look the same as it did in Victorian times, with massive inequality and the majority of power to make decisions in the hands of a tiny group of people. Some social groups feel marginalised and it seems that new walls are being built between the rich and those less well-off.

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There are many different kinds of power. For example the power of people to participate in democratic processes; the power of communities, trade unions, identity groups and networks of individuals; the power of artists, musicians and writers; the power of entrepreneurs, business or the financial sector. And there’s more traditional power – the power of elected representatives to make decisions on behalf of us like the Mayor or Greater London Authority members, MPs and Councillors. 

So how does power work in our city, how does it impact us and what could it look like? 

We’re also turning the tables and inviting the new hopeful mayors to ask us, the people, what kind of London do we want? Watch this space. 

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We the city

Good Londoners talk about power in our city

  • 7:46
    Campaigner on gender, economics and education at the Women’s Budget Group
  • 8:16
    Prof of Geography, University of Oxford & author of Inequality and the 1%
  • 4:31
    Barbican Young Poet, Actor, Spoken Word Educator

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