What kind of city
do you want to live in?


We all love London, the bold city we call home. It’s always been one of the world’s great cultural hubs, constantly inspiring and always changing. But while our capital is one of the most diverse places to live, it’s also one of the most divided.

More and more of us are noticing that life in London is getting harder. Harder to live, move, work and play. The way things are organised right now doesn’t seem to be working. So what kind of city do we want to live in?

Good London is our shared story of what this city could be. A story told through our very best ideas about power, living, moving and working in London. We’re looking to cities across the globe for inspirational ways to organise and inviting hopeful mayors to talk to hopeful Londoners.

This is the new home of our greatest conversation about the London we want to live in – a city that puts all of us first.

Join the conversation and create a #GoodLondon.