How can Londoners harness the power of the investment system to improve our city?

London has the riches – in human and financial terms – to tackle the problems it faces. But our city can only thrive when people and money are aligned in facing down those challenges. Our Money, Our City will bring together Londoners with an interest in improving life in the city to share insights and begin taking action. 

With contributions from:

Fiona Twycross, London Assembly Member, Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive of Trust for London, Father William Taylor, City of London Councillor, Emma Howard, Greenpeace Energy Desk, Maurice Glasman, House of Lords, Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive of ShareAction

we the city: bringing together hopeful londoners with hopeful candidates


Sian Berry, Green Party | Zack Polanski, Liberal Democrats | Shaun Bailey, Conservative Party | Sophie Walker, Women’s Equality Party | Fiona Twycross, Labour Party | Emily Kenway, Chair

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transforming cities

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Dawn Foster, Guardian journalist & author of Lean Out
Deborah Grayson, the GLC Story
Kate Shea-Baird, Barcelona en Comu
Jinhwa Park, Social Innovation Exchange


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Penny Pepper, writer, poet & activist 

Sophie Partridge, actress, writer & workshop artist

click Here to see the #wethecity programme for all the great things that happened


Other meet-ups

Kicking off a year-long conversation last summer at the iconic Roundhouse, Camden. In collaboration with artist Penny Woolcock and Block9, we hosted a night of ideas, spoken word and performance. London’s brightest minds told us their story of utopia.