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what would a good life look like in London? 

Over 14 million people live in greater London and its environs. Four in ten of us were born outside the UK – and we all call London home. Every one of us lives in the city differently and experiences it differently. So what is it like to live in London for you? According to most recent studies, life’s getting harder for a lot of us. We can’t afford the rents as prices skyrocket, a whole generation of people will never own a house, we’re in loads of debt, for many it’s difficult to access basic services, we feel excluded because of our gender, our ethnicity, sexual preference, [dis]abilities, class, and growing divisions between the citizens of our city.

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At the same time, London is a great city full of potential. We create music, words and plays, we educate and are educated, we play and work, we build communities, we parent, care, grow up, make mistakes, travel, walk, cycle, take the tube, breathe, dance, and we build a life for ourselves and our families and communities.

Good London is asking what London is like for you? Each of us experiences this city in our own way, we have our own joys, struggles, dreams and realities.

What are yours?

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We the city

  • 8:29
    Matt is the author of Pariahs & co-founder of the Disraeli Group
  • 6:05
    Rosie is a campaigner with Renter’s Rights & author of The Rent Trap
  • 5:56
    Jo is an activist with Switched on London campaigning for a London owned & run energy company
  • 12:01
    Amy is a campaigner with 10:10 working for clean, community energy

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