Cycle Parking 4 London

The London Cycling Campaign’s Cycle Parking 4 London campaign asked for 100,000 new cycle stands across Greater London as a solution to the current massive shortage.

Cycling has doubled in London in the last 10 years, so now there’s a massive shortage of cycle parking. This encourages bike theft, inconveniences cyclists and sometimes pedestrians (when cyclists use lamp posts, for example). The overall effect is to discourage people from using their bikes.

The ‘Cycle Parking 4 London’ campaign was launched by the London Cycling Campaign, the charity that lobbies for better facilities for cyclists in the capital.

Our six campaign priorities will ensure the exciting growth of cycling in London continues:

1. Thousands more on-street parking spaces
Adequate parking at every public destination with 100,000 more spaces on London streets by 2012

2. Secure workplace parking
Sufficient cycle parking in every workplace and college for 15% of staff and 25% of students

3. Stronger planning regulations
Planning requirements to ensure every office building provides bike spaces for 15% of staff

4. Bike parking for homes
All residential developments meet cycle parking standards for flats and houses as a minimum

5. Adequate provision for transport hubs
At least 500 spaces at every major rail station, with at least 200 of these secure

6. Proper information
Full information about cycle parking on the website of every public building

LCC campaigns to improve the city for cyclists like you

London Cycling Campaign lobbies for better facilities for cyclists in Greater London. We have 11,000 members, 33 borough groups, 15 staff, and hundreds of activists constantly engaging politicians and civil servants so they’re aware of cyclists’ needs.

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